5,000kg of CO2 to be absorbed

Very exciting news from us here Amorucci: For our first month as a company selling our product, and after we decided to triple the number of trees we are going to plant per shirt sale for month one, we are delighted to announce that we will contribute to the removal of roughly 5,000kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.

A huge thank you to everyone of our customers joining the amorucci family and getting one of our shirts. Find out more about the ‘Ceriops Tagal’ Mangrove here: - these are what will be planted in Madagascar as part of the 'Eden Project.

If you haven’t got your shirt / want to get more, please do - and don't forget of the good we will continue to do!

Hopefully, as a collective, over the coming months – in the build up to christmas, we can continue to help our planet's battle for survival and absord more of the greenhouse gases that our society will continue to release.

Happy Sunday!


Gus Cameron

Founder and Director


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