Why was Amorucci created?

As I’ve mentioned, rather a lot, I love linen, and more specifically, linen shirts. There are plenty of options out the in the wider shirt market. Cheap, low quality, high street shirts, that offer no shape and are itchy. The rest tend to be expensive, and I mean expensive. Lowest prices being virtually double ours right the way up to triple ours. For one!! Even then, they often lack the shape they should offer over the torso, or can not be properly comfortable.

That is why I started Amorucci.

The Core Goal: To create an affordable, deliciously comfortable and lightweight shirt that’s falls beautifully on the majority of torso’s.

That’s a hell of task and two years of playing with shapes, sizes, blends, pures, thicknesses etc etc etc…… I finally found all of those components. Yahoo!

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